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***Announcing the release of the 2015 Midwest Sacred Harp Convention Videos***If
How to order at the bottom

Saturday DVD CoverSunday DVD Cover

Blu-ray coverBlu-ray saturday cover

Comments on these videos:
"compelling" "incredibly good"
"mesmerizing" "amazed at the technical quality. GREAT JOB"

There are two videos, one for each day of the singing, available in both DVD (standard definition, widescreen) and Blu-ray formats (high-definition).

The Midwest Convention, hosted by the Chicago Shape Note Singers,
is a highlight of the shape-note singing year, blessed with:

• A large class
• Good fellowship
• Wonderful sections
• Excellent singers, some legendary
• Attendance by composers with songs in the The Sacred Harp and other books
• A smoothly running, well-planned singing, hosted ably by the Chicago singers.

Here are a two samples
of the 2015 Midwest Convention Saturday video:

Mike Hinton and Aldo Ceresa, leading 532, Peace and Joy
Jenny Solheim, leading her composition Glede

Over recent years, I have posted videos of Sacred Harp singings on YouTube, improving each recording as I learned more and obtained more equipment. It has been a labor of love. In 2014, while at a memorial singing at Hopewell, one of the singers mused about someday being able to go to the Midwest Convention. I realized at that point that this was something I could do—bring the Midwest to her and folks like her. From that point on, my singing documentation was geared towards the goal of doing a first-rate documentation of the Midwest Convention—increasing my knowledge, experience, and equipment so that I could provide, as much as possible, a professional-quality documentation of the Midwest Convention and its singers. In the future, I hope to be able to use my equipment to make a video of more singings. By purchasing these videos, you help to defray the costs of these endeavors.

DVDs are priced at $20 per day, Blu-ray at $25 per day. Shipping cost is $4 for an order of one or two disks.

You may buy them either via mail-order or from Bob Borcherding
at a singing. Ted Mercer will soon have copies to sell, as well.

To order by mail, fill out an order form, fill it in and send it,
along with a check to:

Bob Borcherding
4415 Seneca Drive
Okemos, MI 48864

If you have questions you can phone at 517.381.1321 or email me at bobgap@gmail.com.

Note that these disks are labeled using water soluble inks, so if you need
to clean a disk, be careful not to wet the top side of the DVD/Blu-ray disk.
Note that announcements were not included in the video recording.
Running times: Saturday, 3:56, Sunday 3:42

PDF listings of songs and leaders: